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Company Overview

Innovative Solutions Group LLC (ISG) is a human capital consulting firm that specializes in cultural, behavioral and performance-based change initiatives for Fortune 500 companies. Our services extend nationally across public and private sectors and span multiple industries including faith-based organizations, governmental agencies, aerospace and defense, automotive manufacturing, energy, consumer packaged goods, and financial services. The combination of organizational performance and cybersecurity awareness thought leadership is widely sought after in the marketplace and we compete against the best firms in the country but with affordability and return on investment that keep our clients in mind.

Mission Statement

Providing innovative solutions that defy the status quo and encouraging clients to “think of different Differently.

Core Values

  • We believe that change calls for innovation and innovation leads to progress.
  • We believe in adaptive solutions that are client-specific and based on mission and strategy.
  • We believe in creating, – not following – the status quo.
  • We push our imaginations to generate solutions that are as unique as a thumbprint.
  • We focus on the key details so our clients don’t have to.
  • We strive to always exceed expectations; making sure solutions are not just good but great!

Services & Capabilities

Performance Improvement

Leadership Development

Organizations today don’t just face a leadership challenge (what good leadership looks like); there is a development challenge (the process of how to grow bigger minds). ISG consultants work with organizations to develop the knowledge and skills senior leaders need to lead in a global environment. Leadership empowerment is carefully crafted, and capacity is strategically aligned, resulting in stronger and more capable leaders.

Organizational Change Management

Change can be disruptive; whether good or bad. It can create a period of uncertainty, stress, and anxiety while individuals adjust. A clear understanding of what the organizational change is and what to expect when dealing with it can shorten the period of adjustment, so employees can get back on track sooner. At ISG, we get organizations ready for change; when that’s done, what’s left is an environment that is primed and ready to implement changes with minimal disruption and risk.

Organizational Structure Alignment

Strategy is enabled by an organizational structure and a hierarchy that supports achievement toward a common mission. ISG partners with clients to create an organizational design that enables continuous adaptation to an ever-evolving environment. Our consultants are experienced in the art of identifying organizational patterns and instituting relevant work streams to develop a high functioning workplace with the best mix of new/existing talent.

Training and Development

Whether the business goals are to help employees strengthen their skills or develop new ones, training presents a prime opportunity to expand the knowledge base of all employees. At ISG we design, develop and deliver training programs that equip employees with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors they need to strengthen and improve—as individuals and in their jobs. Our demonstrated success in curriculum and course design/development is broad and diverse; leveraging traditional instructor-led training and alternative methods with creative technologies and multi-media platforms to accommodate the ways people learn in today’s technology-rich society.

Cybersecurity Awareness

Program Strategy

The world is experiencing growing risks of cybercrime and ISG consultants are a driving force against the accelerating problem of potential cyber threats within organizations. Using our proprietary Cybersecurity Awareness Five Critical Components Framework™, ISG works with clients to establish awareness programs that strengthen the human firewall and thwart cybercriminals.

Program Implementation

Cybersecurity Awareness is not training. It’s important to arm employees with the knowledge of cybersecurity risks before they’re expected to act – not react – upon them. ISG provides managed service consultants to ensure [continued] success of developed or existing cybersecurity awareness programs. Our award-winning consultants are highly skilled in creating ongoing marketing and communication materials, producing relevant training for needed cybersecurity skills and competencies, fostering cultural shifts that change employee habits, and monitoring program progress/outcomes.

Discovery Call

We want to learn more about you! This short call gives you time to share your needs with us to see how we can help.